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From time to time, cities or municipalities may require homeowners to obtain the written opinion of a certified arborist regarding the health or condition of existing trees. This is usually due to the perceived threat of tree failure which could result in public or private property or structures being damaged.

The certified experts at ConservaTree are more than happy to provide our clients with appropriate written opinions as required by local ordinances. A complete tree assessment report will usually consist of the following elements:

- full ground and aerial inspection of the tree, including pictures

- accurate measurements of the tree including base diameter and height

- health/vitality assessment based on outwardly visible elements (e.g. cracks, decay, discolouration, condition of foliage and bark, etc.)

- comparison of tree in question to comparable specimens of same age, height, and species, growing in similar conditions

- recommendations for risk mitigation


Disclaimer: Trees, being natural systems, can never be fully assessed or inspected in the same way that engineers can inspect man-made structures. For instance, full inspection of interior decay would require cutting or drilling into the tree which would negatively impact the health of the tree. For this reason, written reports regarding tree condition are largely based on the opinion and experience of the inspector. A tree deemed to be safe by a professional arborist today could experience failure tomorrow, such is the nature of dealing with natural systems.

While we can produce basic reports that satisfy city requirements, we stipulate that our reports are not sufficient to be used or referenced in any legal proceedings, either by our clients or by any other party. Information contained in our reports covers only those items that were examined and reflects the condition of those items at the time of inspection. There is no warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied, that problems or deficiencies of the plants or property in question may not arise in the future.